You Can Learn To Speak Russian Online

Russia is a fascinating place with an equally fascinating language. Learning the Russian language may seem a little daunting, but free lessons that are easily available on the internet make it much more accessible. Comprehensive lessons and tests provide you with a great opportunity to learn Russian from the comfort of your home.

There are websites with a wealth of lessons available on the Russian alphabet, vocabulary, and grammar. You can take your time and do lessons over so that you can be sure to absorb the information, even if it is difficult at first. There are no tapes to rush you along and make it hard to keep up. The tests help you see how much you have learned and where you need to improve.

Audio lessons provide you with the same benefits as tapes and teachers without any rush. Since you are in the privacy of your own home, you can replay as many times as necessary. Books and tapes do not change or expand, but websites can constantly upgrade to provide you with new information and learning opportunities.


- You can dip your toes in without spending any money.
- Learn the alphabet, vocabulary, and grammar for free.
- Take your time and learn at your own pace.
- The websites provide access to more learning materials.
- The lessons are constantly upgrading.
- Websites provide all the benefits of books and audio without the drawbacks.

- The only downside is that you are unable to practice with a real Russian speaking person. If you have, or could find, a Russian speaking pen pal, that would not be a problem.

Online Russian lessons make an excellent resource for learning the language or refreshing your memory. You could begin to speak the amazing Russian language today.

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